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Note: only the patterns in this book are translated to English. The accompanying texts are in French only.

Knitting is a story made with yarn and needles, but not only! For us, knitting is also a community, and within a community, there is always stories of friendship. And if you believe the same, then our Woolship book will resonate in you.

Actually, Julie asked seven French designers to participate in the creation of Woolship. Talented designers, but above all designers that have a special place in her knitting life. Inspirational women who later became real friends, “wool friends“, friends with whom she weaved links thanks to yarn and needles. So who would be a better choice to participate to a book dedicated to friendship?

And it is this desire to share their friendship with the greatest number that gave birth to Woolship. Indeed, this book is a shared adventure, but with a hint of a challenge: create patterns using only a certain brand of yarn. And for this exercise, Julie chose Sandnes Garn.

Why this particular brand? Just because it is a human-size business, that survived its share of events, and still manufacture high quality yarn. But above all, they make those yarns at affordable costs, so that a majority of people can knit using exceptional fibers. Another way to give you the possibility to weave or strenghten your own friendships. For is there a better gift than a beautiful accessory or garment knitted with love? (this knitter’s answer: “No!”)

This book contains:

  • 11 patterns, both in French and in English, each one with its unique style but with a common point: careful finishes: a vest, four sweaters including one with its matching pair of socks, a cardigant and matching hat, a shawl and a set of baby hat and cardigan
  • created by 8 designers well-known in the French knitosphere: Alice Hammer, Marion Em, Emma Ducher, Emilie Luis, Bérangère Caillaud, Aurélie Tixier, Nadia Crétin-Lechenne, Julie Partie
  • a technical glossary with links to online tutorials
  • a presentation of the different yarns used in the patterns (in French only), plus a summary of the quantities you need for each project
  • a downloading code to get a pdf version of the book (either here below or on Ravelry if you want to add it to your library)

With the Woolship book, Julie actually shares the beautiful friendship that the knitting community allowed her to know, as well as giving all of you the means to strenghten your own ones. Because knitting has always been a way for people to meet, and to weave nice woolly links, whether by working on projects around a cup of tea or by giving other the opportunity to enjoy handmade clothes and accessories. In fact, do you know a better way to share human warmth than wrapping yourselves and your loved ones in beautiful yarns?

And if you feel like you need a little bit of softness in your life, why not splurge on the Woolship box set? You can make it your own choosing the yarn you need, to cast on your favourite project in the book as soon as you receive it. And with a bargain!

Note: if you are curious to discover the different yarns of the Sandnes Garn range that are used in this book, you just have to click on their names: Duo, Tynn Silk Mohair, Sunday, Alpakka Ull, Alpakka Silke, Sisu, Tynn MerinoUll, Borstet Alpakka.


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